The world of Saltwater Marine Invertebrates is enormous and encompasses all sizes and shapes of interesting creatures, some of which will peacefully coexist in Reef Aquariums. These valuable additions often participate in beneficial activities within the aquarium environment, feeding on excess wastes or algae and providing a valuable cleaning function.


When selecting invertebrates to add to your own aquarium it is important to consider the nature of origin, diet, and temperament in assessing whether your aquarium will provide a suitable environment for survival. Water quality should be consistent and the aquarium should be sufficiently established and have completed the process of establishing a consistent Nitrogen cycle complete with beneficial microorganisms.


While many invertebrates may be introduced during times of aquarium stress, as potential cures for common problems such as nuisance algae, it is important to remember that while many exhibit the ability to survive in less than ideal conditions there should be ongoing efforts to monitor and improve any challenges in the aquarium or water quality in order to ensure their health and survival.


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