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Corals are a diverse class of marine invertebrates that typically live in compact colonies consisting of many identical individuals. We work strategically with industry partners with commitments to the quality of life for these beautiful creatures.

We only source new pieces of coral from licensed importers with quality-control protocols and licensed aquaculturists while most of the coral fragments we offer are cut, healed, and grown in our aquaculture systems.

All of the coral we offer has been hand selected.  Our Coral Shop library is designed to provide a valuable reference for identifying coral and understanding the specific lighting, circulation and water quality in order to successfully care for these creatures. 

The images in this library have been photographed at Riley's Reef as stock images to accurately sample coral colonies and fragments in our collection. Corals are displayed for sample purposes and due to variations within species, your item may not look exactly like our product image. 

If you would like more control over your coral selection visit our WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get shopping section for exact photos or corals available now. 


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